Say Hello To Beaver Tunnels!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Beaver Tunnels WordPress plugin, an add-on for Beaver Builder. Our hope is that it will allow you to level up your site building skills and create sites even faster and with more flexibility than before!

What Does It Do?

Beaver Tunnels takes advantage of the action hooks available in popular plugins and themes to conditionally inject Beaver Builder Templates into their display output.


Beaver Tunnels Meta Box

The Beaver Tunnels metabox lives on the Edit Template page in the WordPress Admin. The metabox gives you the ability to setup conditional rules that determine which pages that template will be displayed on.

Easily Edit Templates

When in Page Builder mode of any page that has a template embedded using Beaver Tunnels, mousing over the template area will show a visual indicator containing the template name. Clicking on that area will prompt you to save your current template, then take you right to the Page Builder mode for that template.

Visual Hook Guide

Beaver Tunnels has a visual hook guide that can be activated from the front-end of your site to see a visual representation of where each action hook is located. This is perfect for figuring out which action hook to attach a template to.

Minimal Template Editor View

When viewing and editing saved Templates, Beaver Tunnels displays your template in a minimal view containing only the template you are editing.

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