Intelligent Actions

Automatically detects the themes / plugins you have installed and gives you access to the appropriate actions. *
* Limited to the themes and plugins that Beaver Tunnels supports.

Display Conditions

Both simple and complex display conditions can be defined to target virtually any page on your site.

Multisite Support

When network activated, the license key field is only visible in the Network Admin.

White Label Support

If you are running the Beaver Builder Agency version, then Beaver Tunnels will inherit your white label settings.

Available Display Conditions


Custom Post Type


Parent Page

Page Template

Page Type: 404

Page Type: Search Results

Page Type: Front Page

Page Type: Blog Page

Page Type: Right-To-Left

Page Type: First Page

Post Singular

Term Singular

Post Archive

Tax Archive

Term Archive

User Status


User Role


Before Date/Time

After Date/Time

Before Time

After Time

Day of Week


Easily Edit Templates

When in Page Builder mode, any embedded templates will indicate that they are editable and allow you to navigate to the template edit screen to edit them.

Once done editing a tunneled template, you will be returned to the page you were editing.

Visual Hook Guide

Beaver Tunnels has a visual hook guide that can be activated from the front-end of your site to see a visual representation of where each action hook is located.


Minimal Template Editor View

When viewing and editing saved Templates, Beaver Tunnels displays your template in a minimal view containing only the template you are editing.