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Beaver Tunnels 2.0 is Here!

It has taken a couple of months, but it’s finally here. Beaver Tunnels 2.0 brings with it a completely redesigned metabox for defining your template display conditions. As you can see below, the interface is clean and easy to work with. Complex display conditions can be defined to target virtually any page on your site.…

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White Label and Multisite Support

Today’s release brings some features that our customers who run agencies have been asking for. Below are the changes in Beaver Tunnels 1.2. White Label Support If you have the Agency version of Beaver Builder and are using the white label settings, then Beaver Tunnels will inherit these settings. You won’t need to do anything…

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Beaver Tunnels Shortcode

With Beaver Tunnels 1.1, we are introducing the shortcode. Until now, if you tried to use a shortcode in a tunneled template that operated off of data from the page it is displayed on, the shortcode would not work properly. For example, if you have used Advanced Custom Fields to add a subtitle to your…

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Say Hello To Beaver Tunnels!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Beaver Tunnels WordPress plugin, an add-on for Beaver Builder. Our hope is that it will allow you to level up your site building skills and create sites even faster and with more flexibility than before! What Does It Do? Beaver Tunnels takes advantage of the action…

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